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Your one-stop shop for customised comfort

Men’s Collection 

 Where every stitch narrates your style

Immerse yourself in the world of bespoke style with our distinguished Men's Clothing collection.


Every stitch weaves a tale of our unwavering commitment to quality, and each design personifies the flawless blend of traditional craftsmanship with the pulse of contemporary fashion trends.


From your business meetings to your casual outings, dress to impress and let your style narrate your story with Hanuman Prasad Darbari Lal.


Bed Linen

Slumber in the Lap of Elegance

Experience the comfort of a serene retreat every night with our premium Bed Linen range.


Crafted with superior quality fabrics, our bed sheets and duvet covers add an understated touch of elegance to your bedroom.


They balance design and functionality to ensure your rest is as stylish as it is restful. Transform your sleep experience with Hanuman Prasad Darbari Lal.


Bath Linen

Transforming Bath Time into Indulgence Time

Elevate your everyday bathroom routine into an indulgent daily spa-like experience with our luxurious Bath Linen collection.


Our plush towels, woven from the finest materials, cocoon you in a state of unrivalled comfort and luxury.


Enhance your bath times and step out refreshed with Hanuman Prasad Darbari Lal.



Accessorize with Sophistication

Accentuate your unique style with our tastefully curated Accessories collection.


Our stylish cufflinks, elegant ties, belts, and more add a distinctive touch to your attire, enhancing the complete look.


It's in the fine details that true sartorial elegance is defined. Experience the detail-oriented craftsmanship and design with Hanuman Prasad Darbari Lal.



Where Luxury Meets Affection

Make every celebration unforgettable with our exquisite Gifting range.


Choose from our premium collections of clothing and home furnishings that make for perfect gifts, symbolizing not just your good taste but also your warmth and affection.


With Hanuman Prasad Darbari Lal, give the gift of timeless luxury, style, and a treasure trove of memories.


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Old Bajaja, Chowk, Malviyanagar, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh - 211003, India

+91 73093 42498

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