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Experience a century of tailored excellence

Discover premium quality custom clothing and home furnishings from Hanuman Prasad Darbari Lal, crafted with care since 1808

Perfectly tailored to your style

At Hanuman Prasad Darbari Lal, our men's custom clothing doesn't just fit your body, it fits your story. Each tailored piece is a conversation, your ambitions and personality woven into every stitch.

Picture yourself commanding the room at a crucial meeting, your attire echoing determination and style. Envision a first date, your confidence radiating from a suit crafted just for you.

With us, it's not just about dressing up - it's about feeling empowered. Step into Hanuman Prasad Darbari Lal, where your perfect fit awaits to help you narrate your unique story.


Elevate your everyday with our home essentials

Turn your home into a reflection of your personal style with Hanuman Prasad Darbari Lal's handpicked home furnishings. Every towel, bedsheet, and curtain in our collection is a celebration of comfort and elegance.

Our plush towels provide an embrace of luxury, our crisp bed sheets ensure your nights are as stylish as your days, and our elegant curtains frame your world in sophistication.

With Hanuman Prasad Darbari Lal, home decor is more than aesthetic; it's about weaving a story of style, comfort, and quality. Explore our collection and experience an effortless infusion of luxury into your everyday living


A commitment to timeless quality

Since 1808, Hanuman Prasad Darbari Lal has been more than a clothing and furnishing brand. We are a legacy, born in Allahabad, built with high-quality materials, and maintained by trust.


We don't just sell clothes and home decor. We offer a personalized journey of style. From the first stitch on a custom men's suit to the last detail on a beautiful saree or a finely-crafted curtain, we're here to help you express yourself.


Online or in our store, our goal is the same - to serve, inspire, and bring quality and style to your life with every product we provide. Welcome to Hanuman Prasad Darbari Lal - where tradition meets trends, and quality is a promise.

Opening Hours

Mon - Sat: 10:30am - 8pm
Sun: Closed

Contact Us

Do you have a question about our products? Swing by our store or get in touch with us today - our staff is happy to assist you with anything you need.

Old Bajaja, Chowk, Malviyanagar, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh - 211003, India

+91 73093 42498

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Our Team

Sarita Virendra Agrawal

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